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ASI L1 Mezcal Specialist (ENG)

ASI L1 Mezcal Specialist (ENG)

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This course is designed for professionals and amateurs interested in developing their organoleptic analysis skills and gaining a deeper theoretical knowledge of the world of mezcal. Students are invited to awaken their olfactory abilities and become experts in everything there is to know about the Denomination of Origin Mezcal and its associated states.


  1. Agave history, etymology, and diversity
  2. Mezcal Denomination of Origin (D.O), categories, and styles
  3. History of Tequila
  4. States with Mezcal Denominations of Origin 
  5. Organoleptic tasting of all Mezcal D.O. styles


  • 12 Hours of Live Online Instruction
  • 14 Vials of Mezcal for Evaluation
  • Level 1 Course Booklet
  • 14 Organoleptic Tasting Guides


Mezcal Specialist Certificate

ASI’s Level 1 Pin

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